Support Rural Livelihoods, Patronise Tula now!

As you are aware We at Tula bring out the lightest garments made from Rainfed organic cotton grown from traditional desi seeds, which are then hand spun hand woven, natural dyed and manually tailored. Thus touching and empowering many livelihoods along the value chain while using very less resources (like water, electricity,etc) and ensuring there is no pollution.
Because many of you were patronising we were able to ensure higher and dignified wages and fair prices all along the value chain. But during the Covid days Tula’s sales came to stand still (due to Lock down) and without any sale for 4 months is very tough on any activity, especially these not-funded, simple social enterprises.

Meanwhile in these 4 months we could not have stopped the spinners, weaver s (and even tailors) from carrying out their part because that is their only income and it could not be stopped. Also income from this would be their only “bread winner”.
The cotton harvest was also over and the cotton is bought only once in a year which means it’s a huge cash transaction one time, which was now, during the Covid days.
We are just explaining how these covid days, lock down etc affected us and the only way we have (always had) was diluting the stock regularly and paying up all these people. While we are looking at options/support and have been somehow paying them all during this crisis too, Now we look up to you, our patrons to buy and support.
Yes that is the only way out for Tula now. Even now, we wish you buy ONLY if you have to, but if you have to gift or want to buy any finished product from our collection, it will go a long way.
or if you can spread the word & ask many more of your friends to buy, it will be timely and helpful.
There are lots of stuff like short and long towels, Veshtis/Lungis, Hankies, hand towels, shirts, kurtas, short kurtas for men, short and long tops for women, yoga pants for all, kids wear etc. Pl see the catalog, select the products that interest you and mail to:
or whatsapp---- +91 - 8056163560
One of our team members will get in touch and take it forward.
Topically – we have the masks too: organic hand spun hand woven masks


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