Tula India – Organic Desi Cotton, Handspun, Handwoven, Natural Dyed and Manual Tailored Clothing

Group 55

Khadi (Hand-spun)

Hand spinning is a very old technique used to spin fibres from neolithic age. In this age of heavy mechanisation this is indeed an act of drudgery. It will be right to try and avoid some initial parts of spinning (like carding up to roving) with some low end low energy micro spinning options. Tüla is investing lots of time and energy in this front.


Hand spinning was such a decentralised activity and a revenue spinner for many rural folks till few decades back. In the freedom struggle days, one had to spin 30 grams of yarn and submit it to become member of congress.

Gandhiji used this highly meditative art both for himself and as a tool to fight the British.

Today hand spinning is being lost due to the drudgery involved and the really poor returns one gets for this. Tüla while trying to improve on the drudgery part is ensuring there is a livelihood enhancement. As always we ensure both economy and esteem is infused in to this very eco friendly and local livelihood.

It is spinners associated with the Khadi and Village Industries Board in Gadag (Karnataka), Gram Sewa Mandal (Maharastra), Gandhigram (Tamilnadu) who are part of TÜLA when it comes to hand-spinning.