Tula India – Organic Desi Cotton, Handspun, Handwoven, Natural Dyed and Manual Tailored Clothing

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Tula Organic Clothing

Organic Rainfed Desi Cotton + Handspun + Hand Woven + Naturally Dyed + Manually Tailored

The lightest and the most eco-friendly garment you can sport!

Organic Rainfed Desi Cotton

Pureline desi varieties of cotton grown without the use of toxic chemicals and artificial irrigation.


Revival of the age-old art of handspinning using Amber Charkha and enhancing the livelihood of the artisans.

Hand Woven

A unique way of weaving is done with a handloom, a specialised machine to intricately weave the yarns into fabric.

Naturally Dyed

A 1000-year-old tradition of deriving colors from non-polluting renewable plant sources like bark, leaves, flowers, roots, etc.

Manually Tailored

TÜLA garments are stitched on manually run machines into attractive & comfortable shirts, tops, bottoms, kids wear & more.

Our Story

Reviving the rare artisanal skills and products!

Tula works from farm till clothing all the way ethically & ecofriendly. Thus saving the almost lost traditional/desi/landrace seeds and the skill of hand spinning to make yarns that are then hand woven, naturally coloured with plant material and finished by manually tailoring. Thus each product ends up touching more than 6 livelihoods!

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Presenting the most sustainable, skin friendly, handmade range of Organic desi cotton garments

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October 27, 2023

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An Inspirational Journey to Learn About Khadi and Tula I had the opportunity to visit Gandhigram, I heard a lot about the self-independent grama called Gandhigram. I was truly excited to explore and gain a deeper understanding of it. I work with TULA INDIA, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to collaborating with rainfed organic desi cotton […]

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March 24, 2023

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March 23, 2023

Tula – A transition from enslavement to sovereignty, diversity & ecological restoration, in Indian cotton…

Tula – A transition from enslavement to sovereignty, diversity & ecological restoration,

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Our Happy Clients

Unmatched quality of cotton. Their efforts to procure and weave are truly commendable . You’ll feel the difference between the market ones and Tula’s the moment you wear it ! Thank you team Tula for bringing in sustainable clothing to us!!

Sowmya S

Bought 3 shirts! Pure cotton, lovely feel. Wonderful to wear, it is genuinely hard to go back to ‘regular’ ready made shirts after wearing Tula shirts. Beautiful fit and worth every penny paid. Owner talks about sourcing and the costs involved in making rain-fed cotton using traditional seeds. Highly recommend for anyone looking for cotton shirts!

Ananth Sundararaman

Tula is definitely building a way to make difference in organic clothing. I feel like a bonding with the fabric. One must wear it to experience it’s elegance. Thank you Tula and team.

A Leo

Great place to get quality garments while supporting a noble cause. Made with indigenous cotton and woven by hand, the cloth feels premium is super light and skin friendly at the same time. The comfort that the clothing provides cannot be overstated. I purchased a shorts and a shirt and they’re undeniably comfy. They have kurtas (short, half and long), casual pants, shorts, sarees, tops, towels, kerchiefs, shirts etc.

Raghul C

This outlet offers provisions as also vegetables. Organic items of high quality is being sold here. During Corona times, prior appointments were necessary. But now things have eased andcwe can walk in and get our items. Vegetables are to be pre-ordered.

K V Krishnan