Tula India – Organic Desi Cotton, Handspun, Handwoven, Natural Dyed and Manual Tailored Clothing

Group 55

How can I add value to Tula?


You are welcome to volunteer for Tula in any of the tasks like sales data analysis, logistics, interacting and following up with farmers, weavers, artisans and organizations that collectively form the primary producers for us. If you have the skills, you can contribute by documenting using content, videos, pictures and other media. You can also help us set up exhibitions and sell when we take Tula to different towns. Tula thrives on contributions from many such volunteers.

Organize Talks and Workshops

You can organize talks and workshops highlighting our guiding principles and values. Talks can be about Tula’s journey motivated by Gandhi’s and J C Kumarappa's vision of local economy and rural livelihoods, the evolution of native desi cotton, the current industrial model of cotton value chain, fast fashion and its ill effects, pollution and overuse of resources attributable to the value chain, etc. You can organize workshops on hand spinning, natural dyeing and other related activities in colleges of your city/town. The workshops can be organized around events and exhibitions we participate in. We are always happy to engage with the students and the youth.

Partner with us

You can partner with us by creating a space that sells our products in your city/town. We prefer that Tula be a part of small/organic enterprises existing along with other green ventures. Please note that Tula does not offer stock on credit and hence you will have to buy and resell with your margin. For reasons of sustainability and wanting the best to remain in India, we insist that our garments be sold only in India and not exported. You can also partner with us if you run a weaving center, a spinning center, an artisanal group or an embellishment center that is free of chemicals and synthetics in all processes.

Spread the word

Help us spread the word, especially when Tula comes to your city/town or to other places where you have friends and relatives. Identify people who may take a special liking to our eco-friendly and sustainable products and inform them of our work and exhibitions. Use social media to spread the word. Tula relies on word of mouth to promote our values and the producers’ efforts. We are averse to, and do not advertise in the mainstream media nor do we use other expensive methods for marketing.


Replication is something close to our heart. We would like more and more people, especially youth, to take the whole cotton value chain or just parts of the value chain activities and work it into an enterprise. We wish there would be more initiatives in different geographical locations to grow desi cotton sustainably and then take it through the whole value chain in an eco-friendly manner. We will share our learnings and help in any way required so that the replicators can avoid the challenges and pitfalls we have faced. We need many more replications, in full or in part, to help heal the damage caused by the textiles and fashion industry.